Here is a list of our services. All of these include free pick-up and delivery. If you’re not sure if Press offers a service, just ask!

Our Services

 If you live in a home, condominium or work in an office building in the Perimeter, Buckhead, Midtown or Downtown Atlanta communities, our valet delivery dry cleaning & laundry services are especially for you. 

Delivery Dry Cleaning

PRESS is a new approach to dry cleaning. A convenient, no-hassle solution that eliminates trips to the cleaners and puts an end to those pesky paper tags in the bottom of the closet. And here are two more things we’ve eliminated: incomplete orders and lost items. Our garment tracking system makes sure that each piece is handled correctly and consistently, every time. Orders are never delivered until they are completed. Folded or on hangers, it’s your choice.

Delivery Wash & Fold Laundry

All orders are separated by type and color and washed in separate loads. Orders are not combined with other orders. We can meet your specific needs with detergents, softeners, and bleaches of your choice. You'll receive a specific bag just for your laundry orders to keep them separated from your dry cleaning items.


Cold Vault Storage

Running out of closet space? Need to store your seasonal wardrobe? Then Cold Vault Storage is the solution for you. We collect and dry clean your garments and store them safely and securely until needed.


The dinner party. It’s a chance to show off your home and entertain in luxury. With crisp, clean linens and table accessories from Press, you can create a beautiful image at the dinner table.

Wedding and Formal Gowns

Don’t let that perfect dress for that unforgettable event lose its beauty. Without proper preservation, fabrics can yellow and fade. We repair and box wedding & formal gowns, making your dress look as beautiful as the day it was originally worn.

Alterations and Repairs

It was your favorite shirt or pair of slacks. Then, it happened: a stretch and a tear. Now, your clothes can have a second life. Our experts can repair or alter your favorite garments in time for your next big event.

Hanger Recycling

Extra hangers stacking up? Simply drop your extra dry cleaning hangers in your garment bag and we will reuse the ones we can. Clean clothes. Clean closet. Clean environment.


This is where we will spend a third of our lives. Shouldn’t we do it in luxury? Experience the comfort and appearance of professionally laundered sheets, comforters and other bedding. With a quick turnaround, you’ll feel the difference right away.

Drapes and Rugs

The sun and the environment can damage your window treatments, tapestries and rugs. Take care of your investment. Any size. Any shape. Press will get your home interiors looking great again through careful restoration and repair.

Lab Coats

Sharp, pressed lab coats look professional and complement your image. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, dentist or lab technician, we can keep you looking great.