One might assume because of the incredible simplicity of Press our service would be very expensive. Not true. In fact, with the elimination of travel (not to mention the drastic reduction in hassle) you actually may save money.

Full Price List

  • *Although we keep our prices as economical as possible, the prices listed on the site are subject to change.

25% Discount for Children’s Garments.


Please note: The price lists above are for basic brand prices. The prices for Designer Brands and Couture Garments are higher and vary, because they require extra care and special attention for processing them. An additional charge of $1.15 will be added for the following types of blends, colors, or garments: Cashmere, Linen, Silk, Lined, Ultra Suede, and Beads/Sequins. There may be an additional charge for specific wash and fold care requests.